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We recognize that each Affiliate is an independent contractor and marketer and therefore responsible for how they conduct their own business affairs. As the does not support or condone the use of UBE or Unsolicited Bulk Email (a.k.a. spam) to solicit prospects for Affiliate program, we have established the following policy:

1. strictly prohibits our Affiliates from sending out any emails to non Affiliates of the that include any references to the by name any references to others by name, references to links to web pages that reference the or direct links to any Web Site or to our organisation’s domains or URLS, to include, unless one of the following conditions exist:
• The person contacted, first contacted the Affiliate, or;
• The person contacted has provided the Affiliate with permission to contact them, either by webform, email or other written communication.
Note: This provision includes links to websites provided in signature files attached to your outgoing emails and to emails containing redirect links which lead/redirect to any website. Example: The url in your email is and when someone clicks on that link they ‘appear’ to be taken to, but the page then switches to (The page never shows on the screen).

2. The strictly prohibits our Affiliates from posting to any newsgroup, bulletin board, or major domo list, etc., which may result in an email being generated linking to any URL. Any complaint received which includes a copy of an email that has a reference or link to any domain, will be forwarded to the Affiliate which sent the email in order for them to provide us with evidence of “first contact” or “permission to contact”. Therefore, each Affiliate must keep a copy of emails sent to you as a “first contact” or providing you with “permission to contact”.

Enforcement of this Policy
If we should receive a complaint which proves a violation of this Spam Policy has occurred the following steps will be taken:
1st offense: We will suspend use of a Affiliate’s website and business reports for 30 days. Also suspended will include any upline Affiliate that has been determined to be involved with the offense.
2nd offense: Upon a second offense a Affiliate (and involved upline Affiliates) will have their Affiliate program suspended for an additional 30 days, which will include non-payment of any commissions earned in the month of the suspension.
3rd offense: Upon a third offense the Affiliate’s membership will be terminated.
In addition to the above penalties, an offending Affiliate may be subject to legal action and be held liable for any financial loss incurred by the

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